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Table Of Contents

Issue 3.4 (March/April 2005)

(Source Code)
Thoughts from the Publisher (Page 5)
News News from the REALbasic Community (Page 6)
Review ChitChat 1.1.3b (Page 8)
Review DeskDoodle (Page 8)
Review Front End Convert Drop 1.1 (Page 9)
Review Profile: Macabinet (Page 9)
Review Master Key 3.1.7 (Page 10)
Review SlayFire Reality (Page 10)
Feature Building the Better Spam Killer: Cross Platform Development Success Using REALbasic (Page 11)
Feature Advanced Serial Programming: Tips and tricks to get the most out of your connections (Page 14)
Feature Mouse Gestures (Page 16)
Feature REALScience: Using REALbasic to solve scientific problems (Page 19)
(Beginner's Corner)
MessageDialog: Using the MessageDialog Class (Page 30)
(Databases for REAL)
SQL Management Tools (Page 32)
(Object-Oriented Thinking)
Associating a Window to an Object: An Introduction to Weak References (Page 33)
Feature Polygon Hit Testing: Is a point inside a polygon? (Page 34)
(Visual Basic and REALbasic)
Cross-Platform Issues: ActiveX and Conditional Compiling (plus the Project Converter) (Page 36)
(The Topographic Apprentice)
Control Panel Library: Architecture (Page 38)
(From Scratch)
From Scratch: Networked TanGram (Page 40)
(Intel corner)
OLEContainer: A web control for the Windows version of REALbasic (Page 42)
(Interface Design)
The Case of the Forgetful Cult, Part II: Marsh and Sanders are still hot on the case of a missing detective... (Page 44)
(Beyond the Limits)
A GUI designer (Page 46)


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