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Issue 1.4


Profile: AliasMultiplier

Issue: 1.4 (February/March 2003)
Author: Brian Jones
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Much of the focus on evangelizing REALbasic to programmers and computer users who are not familiar with it rests on all of the technical functionality that REALbasic gives to programmers for minimal programming effort. The point of these descriptions of, or defenses of, REALbasic tends to be that REALbasic programmers do not have to sacrifice all of the powerful features that uninitiated users tend to believe they do. The easy access to powerful features that REALbasic gives to programmers is important, but equally important is the ease with which it can also bring small, creative ideas to life.

AliasMultipler is the product of just such a small, creative, new idea. All this elegant application does is to create files that, when double-clicked, launch any apps and open any files, folders, or URLs that have been added to the file. Upon first glance, the application seems almost uselessly simple; however, once it becomes a part of your routine, you keep coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate it into your daily working routine.

For example, I've used it to set up a file that opens everything in my basic daily routine. If nothing else, I at least check my e-mail, my favorite web site, and my calendar the first chance I get every day. With AliasMultiplier, it is simple to select a single file that opens all three up at once. Another great use I have found is to open up a REALbasic project file and any useful support documents I keep for that project. The possibilities are really endless, and any use you find will be guaranteed to streamline the process of getting down to business.

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