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Cover of Current Issue

The July/August (12.4) issue of xDev Magazine is now available!

Here's a quick preview of what's inside!

What About Swift? by Marc Zeedar
Apple has introduced a new programming language. How does it compare to Xojo? Marc takes a quick first look at Swift.

Inside ServerSocket by Christian Schmitz
Christian explains how to use the ServerSocket control in your own apps, to let you process your own network connections.

Writing OS X Apps for Game Center by Tom Baumgartner
Apple's Game Center provides developers with an API for connecting gamers. However, creating a Game Center app with Xojo requires extensive steps. Never fear: Tom's figured it out and will show you how to get started.

Mercurial and Xojo by Craig Boyd
Mercurial is a power version control system. Craig likes its command-line interface and shows how to use it with your Xojo projects.

Plus columns on OOP, database design, optimization tricks, creating usable code, Regex lookarounds, and much more.

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Issue 12.4 ("Game Center")

Issue 12.3 ("XDC 2014")

Issue 12.2 ("Inefficiencies")

Issue 12.1 ("Smart Localization")

Issue 11.6 ("Apple About Box")

Issue 11.5 ("Weeds")

Issue 11.4 ("Blackjack")

Issue 11.3 ("XDC")

Issue 11.2 ("PDF")

Issue 11.1 ("PDF")

Issue 10.6 ("Retina")

Issue 10.5 ("Real World 2012")

Issue 10.4 ("Extreme Programming")

Issue 10.3 ("Hashes")

Issue 10.2 ("Assumption Approach")

Issue 10.1 ("Reporting")

If you like this, please let me know and I'll make more issues available in this manner.

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Latest Xojo Headlines

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September 02, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
.fmp[x]Berlin 2015
BERLIN, GERMANY, September 1, 2014: Egbert A. Friedrich of herrfriedrich.com is pleased to announce the third edition of .fmp[x]Berlin, THE pan-European Unconference for FileMaker Developer. It will take place in Berlin from June, 4 - 6, 2015. With... [More]
September 01, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Menus for Windows coming
Take a look at this screenshot: As you see we can show a menu in FileMaker using next MBS Plugin. But it seems like we can't port all the goodies from Mac to Windows. For example windows seems not to support tooltips, keyboard equivalents, mixed s... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
ICC color profiling
We recently got an example about color matching a JPEG file and I want to share this with you. This code takes a JPEG file, reads it into memory. We pick the ICC profile from the JPEG file. If that is empty, we will substitute it with a generic SRG... [More]
August 31, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
FileMaker DevCon Videos
A few days ago FileMaker posted the videos from the DevCon sessions. If you attended the conference, you can download videos and slides. Some presenters seem to like our MBS Plugin and you see it in the presentation. e.g. the colors in the scrip... [More]
August 30, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Validating Receipts of Mac App Store Purchases including In-App Purchases
For next prerelease we have something new. We add three new classes: AppReceiptMBS, AppReceiptIAPMBS and AppReceiptVerificatorMBS. The AppReceiptMBS class allows you to load the receipt from within your own app or from a given file. You can query ... [More]
August 28, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Research Triange Park Group Meeting
we just go notice about a Xojo developer meeting in North Carolina, USA: Are you in the RTP, North Carolina area? Join @Patrick McCabe and other Xojo devs at the next meeting, 7PM September 8th 2014 at Rally Point Sports Grill! Jay is going to giv... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Xojo Developer Conference in three weeks
Just three weeks left until the conference starts. If you like to attend, please register soon. We already have participants from 10 countries and the hotel will soon run out of available rooms. Stéphane Pinel will be present and talk about ... [More]
August 27, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Toolbar functions for FileMaker on Mac
With plugin version 4.3 we introduce a couple of new toolbar functions. First we can install a background image. The Toolbar.InstallBackground function takes a picture from a container and installs the necessary functions to have a background pictu... [More]
August 26, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Tip of the day: Weak Property pattern
Often we have to keep properties with references to other objects, but want to avoid circle references causing memory leaks. So we have to have a clear reference tree from root object to child objects. If we want a reference from child back to paren... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.3pr7
New in this prerelease of the 4.3 plugins: Changed JSON.GetObjectItemTree to also look into arrays. Please pass index in array as parameter. Added new toolbar functions to add your own toolbar items. Added new functions for Mac to configure the too... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.3pr7
New in this prerelease of the 14.3 plugins: Added JPEGData and PNGData to CGImageMBS class. Added MemoryBlock.ConvertRGB12BitTo8BitMBS. Added PDFDocumentMBS.appendPage. Fixed JSONMBS.Constructor. Now creates an empty JSON object. If you need an arr... [More]
August 25, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Sascha Schneppmüller is very happy about our MBS Plugins and the support we provide, so he wrote a Thank you in his blog in German: schneppmueller.de/danke-an-mbs/ We appreciate this ... [More]
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
Second teaser
As you see I have currently a lot of fun working with the FileMaker toolbar. So for next MBS FileMaker Plugin we have some new functions. ... [More]
August 24, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
A Teaser
A little teaser to upcoming FileMaker plugin. What happened here? ... [More]
August 23, 2014
  (Blog: Monkeybread Software)
New Timer for Windows
If you use a normal Xojo Timer in your project, you can use periods down to around 16 ms. Even if you select 5 ms, you get about 16 ms. More than 60 action events per second are not possible. See this test project which measures what we get for a ti... [More]
August 14, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Juan Catorce Band plays this Friday!
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1psZhVR... [More]
March 12, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Get It Together, Thursday
Come on, Thursday. Get your act together.... [More]
March 02, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Oddly Specific
This is oddly specific. Must be a very small storm.... [More]
January 09, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Jen and Juan
Jen, Juan, a xylophone, and a lawnmower.... [More]
January 02, 2014
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Given The Weather
Given the weather, this seems like the appropriate hoodie to wear this evening.... [More]
December 11, 2013
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
And Monies
And monies.... [More]
October 19, 2013
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Ice Cream Kids
via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/fp5mfXS9r9/... [More]
October 18, 2013
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Skinny Pete
Skinny Pete made a nest.... [More]
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Tell that to Green Day, Words With Friends!... [More]
September 22, 2013
  (Blog: Brad Rhine)
Last Night Of Summer, Part 2
Jake Lewis And The Clergy... [More]

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